Gamla Stans Cykel in Stockholm
A tradition at Stora Nygatan 20 since 1917

The renovation of Gamla Stans Cykel took place in spring 2005, when my good friend Martin Fredberg and his father Lars Åke bought the little bikeshop in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden.

They wanted to keep the authentic look as well as bringing something new and give it a fresh touch. I re-designed the shop with a new colourscheme but keeping the old furniture.
Behind the wallpaper we found authentic panels which was re-painted.
The floor and the ceiling was polished and a new lighsystem brought a new brighter atmosphere to the small space. I painted a silhouette/skyline of Stockholms famous landmarks around the top of the walls, underneath it we made shelfs to be able to display all the fantastic old bikes and signs Lars Åke has been collecting trough the years.

The old workshop where the bikes are repaired is still kept as it originally was.

You can read more about Gamla Stans Cykel, rent a bike or purchase your foldable Brompton here:

before and after pictures silhouette in background